The FIFA Youth Tournament is an annual tournament that is held in Europe since its inception in 1948.


The FIFA Youth Tournament was created in 1948 with the plan to bring the young players who couldn't play in the senior team to have a chance in a youth version. So the first edition would be created in 1948 with six teams being entered for the first edition with the host nation in Great Britain taking out the title. The French would go on to take the next two editions when they defeated the Netherlands and Austria by big scorelines before Austria defeated the defending champions at home in 1951.

Spain would go on and take out the title at home the following year. The 1953 competition would see the only time that a non-European team would compete in the FIFA Youth Tournament with Argentina enter the competition before being knocked out in the quarter-final stage in which Hungary would take out the title after they defeated the defending champions in Spain. The final competition under the FIFA banner would see the competition go into groups with the top team qualifying through to the knockout stage. Spain would take the title for the second time after they defeated Turkey in the final.


FIFA Junior Tournament (1948-1954)

Year Host Final
Winner Score Runner-up
1948 Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain 4–2 Flag of Italy.svg Italy
1949 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Flag of France.svg France 5–0 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands
1950 Flag of Austria Austria Flag of France.svg France 3–1 Flag of Austria.svg Austria
1951 Flag of France France Flag of Austria.svg Austria 5–2 Flag of France.svg France
1952 Flag of Spain (1945–1977) Spain Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg Spain 1–0 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium
1953 Flag of Belgium (civil) Belgium Flag of Hungary (1949-1956).svg Hungary 3–0 Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg Spain
1954 Flag of Germany West Germany 'Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg Spain 4–2 23x15px Turkey

UEFA Youth Tournament (1955-)

Year Host Final Third place match
Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place
1955 Flag of Italy Italy Only group matches were played and no winner was declared.
1956 Flag of Hungary (1949-1956) Hungary Only group matches were played and no winner was declared.
1957 Flag of Spain (1945–1977) Spain Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
2–1 Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg
Flag of Austria.svg Austria
Flag of Italy.svg Italy
0–0 Third place
was shared
1958 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Flag of France.svg
2–0 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Great Britain
3–1 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg

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