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  • United States October 13, 1903 - The first World Series ends in the Pittsburgh Pirates taking it out 5-4 over the Boston Americans.
  • France May 21, 1904 - FIFA is formed in Paris, France.
  • France April 9-May 13, 1906 - The 1906 FIFA World Cup is held in France.
  • France May 13, 1906 - Uruguay wins the first FIFA World Cup after defeating Austria 4-0 in the final
  • France June 27, 1906 - The first French Grand Prix finishes in Le Mans with Ferenc Szisz winning the Grand Prix.
  • England 1907 - Manchester United goes bust.
  • Australia September 28, 1907 - Championship of Australia is held for the first time in 11 years with Norwood (SAFA) defeating Essendon
  • United Kingdom 1908 - Netherlands wins the football tournament in London to get their first gold medal.
  • United Kingdom April 27-October 31, 1908 - 1908 Summer Olympics is held in London, United Kingdom.
  • United Kingdom January 16, 1909 - France joins the Five Nations Championship after playing against the other British nations between 1906 to 1908.
  • Italy May 30, 1909 - The first Giro d'Italia ends in Milan with Luigi Ganna winning the tour by one point.



  • Belgium August 12-September 2, 1920 - The 1920 Summer Olympics is held in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Belgium August 29, 1920 - Czechoslovakia is disqualified from the 1920 edition after walking off from the field in the quarter-final against Norway.
  • Belgium September 2, 1920 - Belgium defeats the Netherlands 2-1 in the Olympic final
  • Denmark August 4, 1921 - The first UCI Road World Championships is held in Copenhagen with Swedish rider, Gunnar Skoeld taking out the race.
  • Netherlands May 10-20, 1922 - The 1922 FIFA World Cup is held in the Netherlands
  • Netherlands May 20, 1922 - Belgium wins their first FIFA World Cup title after defeating Netherlands 2-1.
  • France May 27, 1923 - The first edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held with André Lagache and René Léonard taking out the win.
  • France January 25-February 5, 1924 - The first Winter Olympics is held in Chamoix, France.
  • France May 4-July 27, 1924 - The 1924 Summer Olympics is held in Paris, France.
  • France June 9, 1924 - Uruguay defeats Italy 1-0 in the Olympic final
  • France April 13, 1925 - France wins their first Five Nations Championship after defeating England in the final match.
  • Italy June 7, 1925 - Alfredo Binda wins his first Giro d'Italia of six titles that he would win between 1925 and 1933.
  • Spain May 10-June 1, 1926 - The 1926 FIFA World Cup is held in Spain
  • Spain June 1, 1926 - Uruguay becomes the first team to win FIFA World Cup twice after defeating the Netherlands 3-2 in extra time.
  • Australia September 18, 1926 - Port Melbourne wins their first VFA premiership, the first of what will be four in a row.
  • England August 9, 1927 - The first British League Cup is held in London with Belfast Celtic F.C defeating Rangers 2-0 in the final.
  • 23x15px August 10, 1927 - Lithuania wins the first Baltic Cup.
  • Czechoslovakia September 2, 1927 - The first Mitropa Cup is held.
  • Switzerland February 11-19, 1928 - The 1928 Winter Olympics is held in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
  • Netherlands June 10, 1928 - Italy defeats Uruguay 2-0 in a repeat of the 1924 Olympic Final in Amsterdam.
  • Netherlands June 16, 1928 - The first FIFA World Rankings is revealed with the Netherlands on top.
  • Netherlands July 28-August 12, 1928 - The 1928 Summer Olympics is held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Egypt April 6, 1929 - Egypt becomes the first team from Africa to qualify through to the World Cup.
  • 23x15px April 7, 1929 - The first Monaco Grand Prix is held with Georges Bouriano taking the victory
  • Italy October 6, 1929 - The first games of the new Serie A is played in Italy.
  • Spain December 1, 1929 - The first games of the new La Liga is played in Spain.


  • Uruguay July 13-August 10, 1930: The 1930 FIFA World Cup is held in Uruguay. This is the first time that its held in South America.
  • Canada August 2-9, 1930: The first British Empire Games is held in Hamilton, Canada. England finished on top of the medal table.
  • Uruguay August 10, 1930: Netherlands wins the FIFA World Cup for the first time, defeating Argentina by 2 goals.
  • England October 11, 1930: WEFF is formed in London, England which becomes the first regional confederation.
  • Uruguay December 6-14, 1930: The first South America Basketball Championship is held in Uruguay.
  • Bulgaria October 4, 1931: Yugoslavia takes the first Balkan Cup in Bulgaria.
  • United States February 4-15, 1932 - The 1932 Winter Olympics is held in Lake Placid, United States.
  • Northern Ireland February 13, 1932: The first WEFF Championship qualifier is held in Belfast which also brings the start of 1934 FIFA World Cup qualifying.
  • France June 19, 1932: The 24 Hours of Le Mans is run again for the first time in seven years with Raymond Sommer and Luigi Chinetti taking the win.
  • United States July 30-August 14, 1932: The 1932 Summer Olympics is held in Los Angeles, United States.
  • United States August 11, 1932: Argentina takes the football competition at the Olympics after defeating the host nation by 4-1. But crowd numbers were down to compared to previous tournaments.
  • France September 11, 1932: The first French Division 1 season is played in France.
  • England February 1, 1933: France win the first WEFF Championship by a score of 3-1 against Wales.
  • 23x15px May 16-20, 1933: The final Far Eastern Championship Games is held in Manila, Philippines.
  • Italy May 28, 1933: Alfredo Binda wins his last of six Giro d'Italias in Milan.
  • Italy May 12-June 4, 1934: The 1934 FIFA World Cup is held in Italy.
  • Italy June 4, 1934: Italy win the FIFA World Cup to become the first host team to win the trophy.
  • Netherlands January 29, 1935: France defeat Switzerland in the final of the 1935 WEFF Championship.
  • France February 17, 1935: FIFA brings back the knockout format to the FIFA World Cup for what will be the first time in 28 years.
  • Canada April 6, 1935: The last Stanley Cup is won by the Montreal Maroons. This is the same until twelve years when it was brought back.
  • Switzerland May 7, 1935: Switzerland win the first EuroBasket competition held at Switzerland. But this would be the only success that the Swiss will have in basketball.
  • 23x15px May 15, 1935: Gustaaf Deloor wins the first Vuelta a España to be held.
  • Germany February 6-16, 1936 - The 1936 Winter Olympics is held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
  • 23x15px July 17, 1936: The Spanish Civil War starts
  • Germany August 1-16, 1936: The 1936 Summer Olympics is held in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Germany August 1, 1936: The first Rugby Nations Cup begins at the Summer Olympics.
  • Germany August 15, 1936: Italy wins their second Olympic gold medal by defeating Hungary in the final by a score of 1-0.
  • Argentina December 27, 1936: The 1937 South American Championship begins in Argentina as this is the first time that the competition has expanded beyond five teams.
  • Italy January 26, 1937: Italy wins the final WEFF Championship over Switzerland at home.
  • Netherlands August 17, 1937: Dutch East Indies become the first team from Asia to qualify through to the World Cup.
  • Germany February 6, 1938: The first IHF World Men's Handball Championship ends in Germany with the Germans easily winning the title after taking all three matches.
  • Czechoslovakia February 12, 1938: Latvia cause a massive upset in the 1938 World Ice Hockey Championships when they defeated the United States by a single goal.
  • Australia February 13, 1938: Scotland wins their third British Empire Games football gold medal in a row after defeating England 3-2 in the final. This was the last tournament to see a full strength independent British teams competing in football.
  • Czechoslovakia February 20, 1938: Germany wins the 1938 World Ice Hockey Championships as they defeated Canada in the final.
  • 23x15px February 23, 1938: Costa Rica surprises Central America by finishing with the gold medal in the Central American and Caribbean Games beating Mexico by goal difference.
  • Argentina May 14-29, 1938: The 1938 FIFA World Cup is held in Argentina.
  • Argentina May 29, 1938: Italy becomes the first team to win two consecutive FIFA World Cups after they defeat the Netherlands in the final 2-0.
  • 23x15px August 19, 1938: The first football tournament at the Bolivarian Games is held in Bogota, Colombia with Peru taking the gold medal.
  • Italy October 16, 1938: The first EuroBasket Women tournament ends with Lithuania winning the title over Italy and Poland.
  • 23x15px April 1, 1939: The Spanish Civil War ends in a Nationalist victory.
  • September 1, 1939: World War II starts



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