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This infobox can be used for a tournament in a particular season.


All attributes are optional.

{{Infobox football tournament season
| title                      = 
| year                       = 
| other_titles               = 
| image                      = 
| imagesize                  = 
| caption                    = 
| country                    = 
| dates                      = 
| num_teams                  = 
| champions                  = 
| runner-up                  = 
| third                      = 
| fourth                     = 
| continentalcup1            = 
| continentalcup1 qualifiers = 
| matches                    = 
| goals                      = 
| attendance                 = 
| top goal scorer            = 
| player                     = 
| prevseason                 = 
| nextseason                 = 
| extra information          = 
| updated                    = 
2007 Wikipedia Cup
Copa Wikipedia
Caption for the image
Country Paraguay
Dates 7–11 August 2007
Teams 4
Champions Portland Thorns
Runners-up Manchester United
Cup label Cup name
Matches played 6
Goals scored 42 (7 per match)
Attendance 119,480 (19,913 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Christine Sinclair (7 goals)
Best player Bryan Robson
All statistics correct as of 11 August 2007.
Goals scored in penalty shoot-outs not included.
List the common name of the tournament in English.
The year in which the tournament was played. Do not include months or other date values. If the tournament is played over two or more calendar years, as occurs with some derbies, please separate the years with an unspaced en-dash: :Template:Xt not Template:!xt or Template:!xt. See also dates below.
Other names by which the tournament is known including the native language of the tournament host nation.
Just the image file name, with no [[Image:]].
Image size (include the "px").
The caption text to be displayed below the image. If no image is supplied, this parameter will be ignored.
The country in which the tournament was hosted. Per WP:INFOBOXFLAG, do not use flags to represent the countries. Per WP:OVERLINK, do not link the country names.
If the tournament is over a short period of time, dates should be displayed. Use the appropriate date format for the host nation and separate the range with an unspaced en-dash.
The number of teams involved in all stages of the tournament
The name of the winning team linked to the team's primary article and piped to avoid terms such as F.C. ,etc. Template:Xt not Template:!xt or Template:!xt. If this is a national team, flags should not be displayed per WP:INFOBOXFLAG unless the teams represented those nations at the tournament.
The second-place team linked in the same way as the champions.
The name of the continental cup. Two sets of continental cups, continentalcup1 and continentalcup2 may be supplied.
continentalcup1 qualifiers
The specific cup. Two sets of continental cup qualifiers, continentalcup1 qualifiers and continentalcup2 qualifiers may be supplied.
The number of matches played in the tournament that season. Any replays should be counted as additional matches to the initial tie. A two-legged tie should be counted as two matches. Abandoned or void matches should not normally be counted, though a footnote could be added for clarification.
Total number of goals scored. If the matches parameter is provided, the template will also display the mean number of goals per match.
Total attendance for all matches, without comma separators. If the matches parameter is provided, the template will also display the mean attendance per match. Use the Template:Tl template to simplify the calculation. {{#expr: (+21000 + 18078 + 19612 + 19967 + 19823 + 21000)}} yields 119480
top goal scorer
If he/she has an article, the player should be linked. If more than one player has scored the same number of goals, they should be separated by commas. Goals may be displayed in parenthesis behind the player name.
Best player of the tournament. If he/she has an article, the player should be linked. Per WP:INFOBOXFLAG do not present the player's nationality with a flag unless this is an international tournament and the player is representing that nation.
The previous season of the tournament. If no article exists, do not link.
The next season of the tournament. If no article exists, do not link.
extra information
Any extra information on the tournament, if any.
Matchday at which statistics were updated.

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