Men's eights
at the Games of the III Olympiad
VenueCreve Coeur Lake
DateJuly 30
Competitors18 from 2 nations
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Rowing at the
1904 Summer Olympics
Single sculls men
Double sculls men
Coxless pairs men
Coxless fours men
Eights men

The men's eights was a rowing event held as part of the Rowing at the 1904 Summer Olympics programme. It was the second time the event was held at the Olympics. The competition was held on Saturday, July 30, 1904. Two crews, one from the United States and one from Canada, competed.


1  Frederick Cresser, Michael Gleason, Frank Schell, James Flanagan, Charles Armstrong,
Harry Lott, Joseph Dempsey, John Exley, Louis Abell (USA)
2  Arthur Bailey, William Rice, George Reiffenstein, Phil Boyd, George Strange,
William Wadsworth, Donald MacKenzie, Joseph Wright, Thomas Loudon (CAN)
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