The Pan American Games is a multi-sport event which has competitors from all across the Americas competing. The games were founded in 1950 when the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) was formed.


The idea of a Pan American Games came up during the 1936 Summer Olympics which was being held in Hamburg which the Latian American representatives from the IOC suggested to have a competition which would feature all of the Americas. But this wouldn't come as the Second World War stopped all progress that a competition would come up. The next time that it came up was in 1946 when the Pan American Sports Congress who was in Buenos Aires decided to host the first edition of the competition at Buenos Aires for 1951.

The next edition was held in Mexico City and would see America once again take out top spot with Canada coming in second.


Edition Year Host city Host nation Start Date End Date Nations Competitors Sports Events Top Placed Team
I 1951 Buenos Aires Flag of Argentina Argentina 25 February 9 March 21 2513 18 140 Flag of United States United States
II 1955 Mexico City 23px Mexico 12 March 26 March 22 2583 17 146 Flag of United States United States
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