Men's football
at the Games of the XV Olympiad
Dates15 July-2 August
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The 1952 Olympic football tournament was a football tournament that was held throughout the country of Finland with the finals being held at the capital in Helsinki

In the final it was the Soviet Union that came out as the champions after they defeated Romania 2-1 in Helsinki.




Preliminary round

July 15
Poland 23x15px 3–1 Flag of France.svg France

July 15
Hungary Flag of Hungary (1949-1956).svg 0–3 23x15px Romania
Suru Soccerball shade 38'79'
Paraschiva Soccerball shade 52'
Kupittaa, Turku

July 15
Yugoslavia Flag of Yugoslavia (1943–1992).svg 12–0 23x15px Iran

July 15
Denmark Flag of Denmark.svg 1–2 23x15px Greece

July 16
Italy Flag of Italy.svg 4–1 Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg United States

July 16
Brazil Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg 4–3 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands
Kupittaa, Turku

July 16
Luxembourg Flag of Luxembourg.svg 3–4 (a.e.t) Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain

July 16
Egypt Flag of Egypt (1922–1958).svg 2–5 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina

First round

July 19
Finland 23x15px 5–3 Flag of Austria.svg Austria
Olympic Stadium, Helsinki

July 20
Brazil Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg 4–0 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain

July 22
Yugoslavia Flag of Yugoslavia (1943–1992).svg 5–6 (a.e.t) 23x15px Soviet Union
Bobrov Soccerball shade 53'77'87'94'
Trofimov Soccerball shade 75'
Petrov Soccerball shade 89'

July 20
West Germany Flag of Germany.svg 3–0 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
Kupittaa, Turku

July 21
Greece 23x15px 0–2 23x15px Poland
Kupittaa, Turku

July 21
Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg 6–0 Flag of Norway.svg Norway

July 21
Romania 23x15px 1–0 Flag of Italy.svg Italy

July 21
Turkey 23x15px 1–2 (a.e.t) Flag of the Netherlands.svg Curaçao

Quarter Finals

July 23
Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg 2–1 23x15px Finland
Rydell Soccerball shade 86'
Olympic Stadium, Helsinki

July 23
West Germany Flag of Germany.svg 4–1 Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg Brazil

July 24
Romania 23x15px 6–0 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Curaçao

Semi Finals

July 28
Romania 23x15px 3–1 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Perényi Soccerball shade 35'78'
Olympic Stadium, Helsinki

July 29
Soviet Union 23x15px 4–2 Flag of Germany.svg West Germany
Olympic Stadium, Helsinki

Third place Playoff

August 1
Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg 0–1 Flag of Germany.svg West Germany
Olympic Stadium, Helsinki


August 2
Romania 23x15px 1–2 23x15px Soviet Union
Bobrov Soccerball shade 59'
Olympic Stadium, Helsinki

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