Men's football
at the Games of the V Olympiad
VenuesStockholm Olympic Stadium
Tranebergs Idrottsplats
Råsunda Idrottsplats
DatesJune 29 (first round)
June 30 (quarterfinals)
July 2 (semifinals)
July 4 (final, bronze match)
Competitors135 from 11 nations
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Football at the 1912 Summer Olympics was one of the 102 events at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. It was the fourth time that football was on the Olympic schedule. The tournament was contested between 11 nations, all of them from Europe.

Final Tournament


First round Second round Semi-finals Final
  Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands  
June 30 - Olympiastadion
  Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands  1
    23x15px Hungary  0  
  23x15px Hungary  
July 2 - Olympiastadion
  Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands  3
June 29 - Tranebergs Idrottsplats
   Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland  1  
 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Italy (a.e.t.)  2
June 30 - Tranebergs Idrottsplats
 23x15px Finland  1  
  Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Italy  0
    Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland  5  
  Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland  
July 4 - Olympiastadion
  Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands  6
    Flag of Norway.svg Norway  0
  Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark  
June 30 - Råsunda Idrottsplats
  Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark  2
    23x15px Germany  1  
  23x15px Germany  
July 2 - Olympiastadion
  Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark  2
June 29 - Olympiastadion
    Flag of Norway.svg Norway  3   Third place
  23x15px Russia  4
June 30 - Råsunda Idrottsplats July 4 - Råsunda Idrottsplats
 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden  0  
  23x15px Russia  1   Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland  0
June 29 - Råsunda Idrottsplats
    Flag of Norway.svg Norway  3    Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark  3
 Flag of Austria.svg Austria  0
  Flag of Norway.svg Norway  2  


First Round

June 29
Italy Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg 2-1 (a.e.t) 23x15px Finland
Bontadini Soccerball shade 14'
De Vecchi Soccerball shade 108'
Öhman Soccerball shade 2'
Tranebergs Idrottsplats, Stockholm
Attendance: 400

June 29
Russia 23x15px 4-0 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Butusov Soccerball shade 23'58'
Smirnov Soccerball shade 13'
Kynin Soccerball shade 79'
Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Attendance: 7,000

June 29
Austria Flag of Austria.svg 0-2 Flag of Norway.svg Norway
Reinholt Soccerball shade 33'62'
Råsunda Idrottsplats, Solna
Attendance: 1,500

Quarter Finals

June 30
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.svg 1-0 23x15px Hungary
von Heijden Soccerball shade 77'
Olympiastadion, Solna
Attendance: 4,000

June 30
Italy Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg 0-5 Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland
Weiss Soccerball shade 22'27'58'
Wyss Soccerball shade 38'
Kobelt Soccerball shade 85'
Tranebergs Idrottsplats, Stockholm
Attendance: 1,500

June 30
Denmark Flag of Denmark.svg 2-1 23x15px Germany
Olsen Soccerball shade 37'
Nielsen Soccerball shade 83'
Jäger Soccerball shade 55'
Råsunda Idrottsplats, Stockholm
Attendance: 1,000

June 30
Russia 23x15px 1-3 Flag of Norway.svg Norway
Smirnov Soccerball shade 52' Jensen Soccerball shade 37'
Maartmann Soccerball shade 76'
Reinholt Soccerball shade 85'
Råsunda Idrottsplats, Stockholm
Attendance: 4,000

Semi Finals

July 2
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.svg 3-1 Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland
Vos Soccerball shade 37'79'
van der Sluis Soccerball shade 11'
Kaiser Soccerball shade 26'
Olympiastadion, Solna
Attendance: 5,000

July 2
Denmark Flag of Denmark.svg 2-3 Flag of Norway.svg Norway
Nielsen Soccerball shade 36'
Jørgensen Soccerball shade 87'
Engebretsen Soccerball shade 55'82'
Endrerud Soccerball shade 15'
Olympiastadion, Solna
Attendance: 9,000

Bronze medal match

July 4
Switzerland  Flag of Switzerland.svg 0-3 Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark
Olsen Soccerball shade 37'58'82'
Råsunda Idrottsplats, Stockholm
Attendance: 1,500

Gold medal match

July 4
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.svg 6-0 Flag of Norway.svg Norway
Bouvy Soccerball shade 27'63'
Vos Soccerball shade 35'58'
Lotsy Soccerball shade 3'
Houtkooper Soccerball shade 82'
Olympiastadion, Solna
Attendance: 20,000

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