FIBA World Championship for Women
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31px 1957 FIBA World Championship for Women
Sport Basketball
Founded 1953
Inaugural season 1953
No. of teams 10
Countries FIBA members
Continent FIBA (International)
Most recent
Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg Brazil (1st title)
Most titles Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg Brazil (1 title)

The FIBA World Championship for Women is an international basketball competition contested by the women's national basketball teams of FIBA. The competition is currently held on a four-year cycle which has been the case since the first edition in 1953.


The Women's World Championship first edition was played in 1953 which was three years after the Men's first edition held in Argentina. The competition which had ten teams compete from all across the World would have one preliminary match before heading into a final round where Brazil would win the first championship after they defeated the host nation in Chile to claim the gold medal over the United States by the virtual of defeating the United States in the head to head match. While France came in third.


Year Hosts (final location) Gold Medal Game Bronze Medal Game Number of Teams
Gold Score Silver Bronze Score Fourth Place
1953 Flag of Chile Chile Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg
Round-Robin Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg
United States
Flag of France.svg
Round-Robin Flag of Chile.svg

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