The British League Cup was initially a tournament that was held in 1902 to raise money for the Ibrox Stadium disaster which saw 25 people die and 517 people injured. After the competition was held in which Celtic won over Rangers, it was put on hold for twenty-five years until it was reborn into a British tournament which took place in the British Isles every preseason between the winners of each league. This did add the Welsh and the Northern Irish winners while removing the runner-up teams from England and Scotland.


Year Host Winners Score Runners-up Semi Finalists
1902 Scotland Glasgow Scotland Celtic 3-2 (aet) Scotland Rangers England Everton England Sunderland
1927 England London Northern Ireland Belfast Celtic 2-0 Scotland Rangers England Huddersfield Town Wales Cardiff City
1928 Wales Cardiff Scotland Rangers 2-1 England Chelsea Northern Ireland Belfast Celtic Wales Cardiff City
1929 Northern Ireland Belfast Scotland Rangers 3-0 England Derby Country Wales Cardiff City Northern Ireland Belfast Celtic
1930 Scotland Edinburgh Scotland Rangers 2-0 England Derby Country Northern Ireland Linfield Wales Cardiff City
1931 England Liverpool England Aston Villa 2-1 Scotland Rangers Northern Ireland Glentoran Wales Wrexham
1932 Wales Cardiff England Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 Scotland Motherwell Northern Ireland Derry City Wales Swansea Town
1933 Northern Ireland Belfast Scotland Rangers 3-1 Northern Ireland Belfast Celtic England Aston Villa Wales Wrexham

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