Baltic Cup (football)
Founded 1927
Region Baltic (UEFA)
Number of teams 3
Current champions 23x15px Estonia
Most successful team 23x15px Lithuania (5 titles)

The Baltic Cup was a soccer tournament that ran between 1927-1938 with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia competing.

List of Winners

Year Host Champions Second Third
1927 23x15px Kaunas 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Estonia 23x15px Latvia
1928 23x15px Tallinn 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Estonia
1929 23x15px Riga 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Estonia
1930 23x15px Kaunas 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Estonia 23x15px Lithuania
1931 23x15px Tallinn 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Estonia
1932 23x15px Riga 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Estonia
1933 23x15px Kaunas 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Estonia
1934 Not organised due to disagreements over the 1933 competition.
1935 23x15px Tallinn 23x15px Estonia 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Lithuania
1936 23x15px Riga 23x15px Estonia 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Lithuania
1937 23x15px Kaunas 23x15px Estonia 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Lithuania
1938 23px Tallinn 23x15px Estonia 23x15px Latvia 23x15px Lithuania

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