Men's 4 miles team race
at the Games of the III Olympiad
VenueFrancis Field
DatesSeptember 3
Competitors10 from 2 nations
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Athletics at the
1904 Summer Olympics
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The men's 4 miles team race was a track and field athletics event held as part of the Athletics at the 1904 Summer Olympics programme. It was the first time the event was held, though the 1900 Summer Olympics had featured a similar event in the 5000 metre team race. Two teams of five athletes each, nine from the United States and one from France, competed. The competition was held on September 3, 1904.


Individual standings

The points system was based on point-for-place, with low scores desirable.

Place Athlete Team Time Points
1Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg Arthur Newton (USA) New York AC 21:23.3 1
2Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg James Lightbody (USA) Chicago AA 2
3Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg Lacey Hearn (USA) Chicago AA 3
4Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg Frank Verner (USA) Chicago AA 4
5Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg George Underwood (USA) New York AC 5
6Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg Paul Pilgrim (USA) New York AC 6
7Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg Howard Valentine (USA) New York AC 7
8[[File:Template:Country flag IOC alias FRA|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] Albert Corey (FRA)[1] Chicago AA 9
9Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg David Munson (USA) New York AC 8
10Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg Sidney Hatch (USA) Chicago AA 10

Team standings

The scores from each of the individual team members were summed, with the lowest-scoring team winning.

Place Team Points
1[[File:Template:Country flag IOC alias ZZX|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] Chicago AA (ZZX)[1] 27
2Flag of the United States (1896-1908).svg New York AC (USA) 28

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Corey was French so the International Olympic Committee medal database shows this medal for a mixed team. Nevertheless the IOC credits the silver medal Corey won in the marathon still incorrectly for the United States.
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