The Asian Games is a multi-sport event which has competitors from all across Asia competing. The games were founded in 1949 when the Asian Games Federation (AGF) was formed in New Delhi, India which was also the host for the first edition.


When the Second World War finished, many of the new independent countries came from Asia and desire a new competition that wouldn't involve violence. During the Olympics, China and Philippines were proposing the renew the Far Eastern Games with more countries from the region but the plans were removed when the India Olympic Committee decided that it would be better for a new 'Asian Style Olympics'. This concept of the Asian Games was born with the first edition being held in New Delhi.


Edition Year Host city Host nation Start Date End Date Nations Competitors Sports Events Top Placed Team
I 1951 New Delhi 23x15px India 4 March 11 March 12 489 6 57 23x15px India
II 1954 Manila 23x15px Philippines 1 May 9 May 18 960 8 76 Japan South Japan
III 1958 Tokyo Japan South Japan 24 May 1 June 16 1820 13 97 Japan South Japan