Rugby World Cup
Tournament details
Host nation Flag of England England
Dates 5 – 17 March 1954
No. of nations 9
Final positions
Champions 10px Flag of England.svg England
Runner-up 10px Flag of France.svg France
Tournament statistics
Matches played 9

The 1954 Rugby World Cup was the first Rugby World Cup. It was held in England and it was between March 5 and March 17.

Pools and format

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3

Flag of England.svg England
Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland
Flag of Italy.svg Italy

Flag of France.svg France
Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg Wales
Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg Spain

23x15px Ireland
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium

Pool stage

Pool 1

Team P W D L PF PA tries Pts
Flag of England.svg England 2200426364
Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland 2101201732
Flag of Italy.svg Italy 2002443−290

Scotland Flag of Scotland.svg 14–4 Flag of Italy.svg Italy

England Flag of England.svg 29–0 Flag of Italy.svg Italy

Scotland Flag of Scotland.svg 6–13 Flag of England.svg England

Pool 2

Team P W D L PF PA tries Pts
Flag of France.svg France 22003814244
Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg Wales 21014514282
Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg Spain 2002257−540

Wales Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg 33–0 Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg Spain

Spain Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg 2–24 Flag of France.svg France

France Flag of France.svg 14–12 Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg Wales

Pool 3

Team P W D L PF PA tries Pts
23x15px Ireland 2200397324
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand 21013811272
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium 2002261−570

New Zealand Flag of New Zealand.svg 33–0 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium

Belgium Flag of Belgium (civil).svg 2–28 23x15px Ireland

Ireland 23x15px 11–5 Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand

Knock-out stage

Semi Finals

England Flag of England.svg 10–9 Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg Wales

Ireland 23x15px 5–12 Flag of France.svg France


England Flag of England.svg 9–5 Flag of France.svg France

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